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Reinvent your club through smart financing

You can make your club the most attractive in the area by delivering a
'defining difference'.

To continue providing facilities and services to members, sporting and recreation clubs need to act as smart businesses. It makes good sense to finance improvements that will generate greater revenue - perhaps a loan for a building programme; or leasing, renting or hire purchase to get the equipment you need now.

Financing equipment, including poker machines and other gaming equipment, is often the most responsible way for clubs to provide the very best facilities for members and guests. There is no need to outlay large sums of money to buy the equipment outright, yet you get the benefits straight away.

Finance for just about any purpose

Consulate provides competitive and flexible finance packages for every aspect of your business:

  • Construction loans
  • Machinery and equipment lease or rental (including gaming equipment)
  • Motor vehicle finance
  • Insurance premium funding
  • Anything else you need money for
Clubs must continually reinvent themselves to stay relevant to their patrons. Personal lifestyles and community expectations have changed. Clubs are now expected to provide smoking decks, alfresco gaming and dining areas, and even specialist areas for the children to play.

Few clubs have the luxury of mountains of cash to invest in improvements. That's why loans, leases and rentals make such good sense. You can quickly provide the food and entertainment standards expected while spreading the costs over time.

v And Consulate can get finance fast, normally within 24 hours. We have access to over 20 financial institutions and are rated in the top 10 finance brokers.

Flexible finance

All Consulate's business finance arrangements are designed to suit your needs. You'll get the facilities and equipment you need to run and grow at a competitive interest rate and affordable payment plan.

Consulate are the club finance specialists.

We have over 60 years of combined experience providing club finance and some of our people have sat on club boards. We know about the challenges of managing a modern club - keeping patrons coming back while managing cash flow.

Consulate operate across the full range of finance products. We can provide commercial hire purchase, finance lease, chattel mortgage, insurance premium funding, novated or operating lease.

Interested in saving money?

We can provide a 'no obligation' review of your current financing arrangements. We'll examine whether you are taking advantage of the very best deals available and whether you have structured your loans and leases in the most tax effective manner.

We'll help you consider all the options. For example, we'll help you work through the options of hire-purchase versus rental; and the impact of GST and taxation on your club's bottom line.