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Finance Lease


Finance Lease means that the financier purchases the equipment and allows you to use it for a specified period of time while you make regular rental payments. At the end of the lease you can;
  • return the equipment to the financier,
  • refinance the residual amount,
  • pay out the contract in full, or
  • offer to purchase the equipment.

Suitable For

Anyone who wants to use the equipment for business purposes but may not want to keep it once the term of the lease is over. Motor vehicles, office equipment/fitout, poker machines, electronic equipment, professional equipment.


  • You can negotiate the repayments & schedule to suit your needs and circumstances.
  • The residual value is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price and reflects the future value of equipment as set to government depreciation guidelines.
  • Flexible terms are available which means you can state exactly how long you will need the equipment.
  • Lease payments may be tax deductible.


  • Term 1 - 7 years
  • $15,000 +
  • Pre-approved bulk credit limits
  • Master loan documentation
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Flexible repayments and methods available